Right Direction Crisis Intervention

Interventions and Transport

All interventions begin with a free counseling session which can be done over the phone. The purpose of this is to make an assessment as to the viability of a successful intervention. We want to ensure the best possible solution for people suffering from substance addictions. This may or may not require an intervention in order to take that first dramatic step towards recovery.

If it is determined that an intervention is necessary, Right Direction's adult services have experienced Interventionists ready to help individuals and families suffering from all forms of debilitating substance addictions. Our staff has performed over 300 adult interventions and safe transports to treatment centers all over the United States. They also have personal experience with substance abuse addictions and more importantly, have all gone through an ongoing successful recovery process. What is more, they understand the insanity that comes with addiction. The phobias, paranoia, self-destruction and apathy have been personally felt and overcome by members of our staff who are now committed to helping others in this similar situation.

Right Direction organizes all logistics for an intervention, and we offer variable prices depending on whether the intervention and transport are successful or not. We will organize and strategize the approach of the intervention and walk family members/sponsors through the process to help ease some of the anxiety. If you are in need of help, please call us on our Toll-Free Line, 888-592-8400 or 801-467-4680, or submit an e-mail via our form here.

Adolescent Services



Olympia did an outstanding job helping my daughter to feel safe and secure as they traveled. I really appreciated the updates and the professionalism throughout the entire process... Read more...

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