Right Direction Crisis Intervention

Adult Intervention Services

Right Direction Crisis Intervention's adult services staff have an overall success rate of more than 93% and have been a part of helping hundreds of adults take that first step towards recovery. Our Interventionists have been through recovery themselves and know first hand just how far good people can stray into oblivion and dysfunction, risking their lives and sometimes the lives of their loved ones.

Working with adults has obvious challenges as we cannot force anyone to do something against their will. But because we are so confident in our abilities, we are unique among adult intervention services in that we offer variable pricing depending on whether we successfully get your loved one to their program. We would require a retainer of services fee up front, but we do not charge full service fee price if we do not get the subject to their program.

Please call us or submit the form on our website to explain your situation so we can get in touch with you for a free consultation and explanation of our services.

Adolescent Services



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