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I want to Thank your organization for the wonderful work they did in relation to transporting my son, Hansen, from Massachusetts to Idaho. In specific, Alexander Bedrosian (Lead Interventionist) and Jonathan Delgado (Backup Interventionist) were assigned to intervene in regards to my son Hansen and bring him safely to a Wilderness Program in Idaho. Alex called me the day before the intervention and went out of his way to explain in great detail the process. He made me feel extremely confident and at ease about the process and described exactly what I might expect. He encouraged me to call him any time before the intervention with any additional concerns or questions I might have. In fact, he said he had his cell phone strapped to his waist all day should I need to call him. In addition, Alex gathered information about my son's interests and personality so that he had an understanding of what my son was like. The morning of the intervention, he also called me and explained again exactly the procedure. I am divorced and my son was residing at my X-wife's house. Alex, Jonathan, my X-wife and I all met, as agreed, in front of her house moments before the intervention to go over strategy one more time. Alex then asked if we were both ready to act. We then followed Alex and Jonathan's specific procedure and they then handled everything themselves from there. Later that day, Alex also did exactly as he had promised and called me immediately after delivering my son safely to the Wilderness Program in Idaho. He explained that he and Jonathan obtained instant respect from my son from the beginning, and as a result, the entire day went smoothly. My son apparently even shook Alex's hand at the Wilderness Program drop off point and thanked him for the day. And this is from a 16 year old teenage boy who had previously developed no respect for authority figures. Both Alex and Jonathan are quintessential professionals and have a wonderful gentle but firm way about them that instills enormous confidence to those they do this for. Their consistency was impressive.

Thank You. I am very grateful to Right Directions and Alex and Jonathan in particular.

Eric H.

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Olympia did an outstanding job helping my daughter to feel safe and secure as they traveled. I really appreciated the updates and the professionalism throughout the entire process... Read more...

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