Right Direction Crisis Intervention

Adolescent Intervention Services

Right Direction Crisis Intervention's adolescent services teaches its Interventionists not to use intimidation or fear as mediation tools. If an adolescent acts out, we use trauma informed principles in an effort to control and de-escalate a situation. We strive to treat each child as an individual, allow them some level of choice in the process, to be non-judgmental, honest and transparent, polite and respectful. We have a great deal of experience with most all situations from adolescents with drug or alcohol abuse to kids who are struggling with self-esteem, emotional difficulties as well as ASD.

We do not treat the adolescents under our supervision as if they are criminals. We stress the opportunity they are being given versus treating them as if they are undergoing a lengthy punitive experience.

We realize that our job is, at times, difficult and that many adolescents we work with will be angry, disrespectful, and perhaps even violent. Our Interventionists are taught to never initiate any type of physical contact, but rather to safely counteract any violent or self-abusive actions and to work towards de-escalation. It is our goal to have a "hands off" transport, but in the event that physical confrontation is unavoidable, it is our goal to return to a "hands off" transport as soon as it is safe to do so. We realize that all the adolescents we work with are good kids going through a difficult and challenging period in their lives.

We are hopeful that all of the adolescents we work with will live out long and fulfilling lives, but we also know the risks of doing nothing, and this is our motivation. We understand that being a small part in the turnaround of young lives benefits us all.

Adolescent Services



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