Right Direction Crisis Intervention

Right Direction created a new and innovative form of intervention and transport back in 2010. We called it Assisted Admissions and we developed this process to accommodate a small number of programs that don't take a traditionally transported student. In some situations parents have children that warrant some assistance, guidance and/or specialized intervention in order to get them to a point of where they are ready and somewhat willing to attend the program.

What makes this different from a traditional transport is that we are approaching this as we would an adult intervention. Our staff, along with parents, will be presenting a choice of programs to an adolescent and itemize what each program will require for admittance. This frank conversation will involve choices and direct outcomes of those choices made by the adolescent. Ultimate goal of this process is to gain compliance for specific programs that have specific requirements of their attendees in order to facilitate enrollment. We realize that this will not work for all families and all situations so please call our office to discuss in more detail. Client Services Department line: 888-592-8400 or 801-467-4680.

Adolescent Services



Olympia did an outstanding job helping my daughter to feel safe and secure as they traveled. I really appreciated the updates and the professionalism throughout the entire process... Read more...

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