Right Direction Crisis Intervention

Investigative Services

Right Direction has licensed private investigators who are available for consultation to help you locate your teenager. Depending on your situation, we have very affordable fee structures either at an hourly or per diem rate. As an extra incentive, we also add a small locate fee which is only paid to us if we find and/or return the child to you. We understand the need for affordable services in this time of crisis. We are here to help provide the information and logistics necessary to locate runaways and make a smooth transition to safely escort them to their intended destination. Please call our toll-free hotline, 888-592-8400 or 801-467-4680, for a free consultation and estimate of services.

*All investigative services provided in the state of Florida are conducted by licensed agenencies in that state.

Adult Services



Olympia did an outstanding job helping my daughter to feel safe and secure as they traveled. I really appreciated the updates and the professionalism throughout the entire process... Read more...

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